Memories of Michael Kamen

Escrito por Rubén Franco, el 25 noviembre 2013 | Publicado en Compositores

When we talk about Michael Kamen I always think of somebody passionate, somebody who loved music, and loved what he did, and impressed passion in every work. And I think that musical passion is the link that joins us in this tribute for someone who has filled holes in our hearts, someone whom we are deeply grateful for his musical legacy and whom we want to reciprocate in some way.

Only in this way can be understood the beautiful and touching words from all those involved in this tribute, on the tenth anniversary of his death, a way to never forget one of the best composers that this industry has given, which is becoming less cinema and more business … the opposite of Michael Kamen, a craftsman who put passion ahead of everything.

And I think such tribute also responds to an ongoing personal obsession: to preserve good music, music from people like Michael Kamen, Jerry Goldsmith, Maurice Jarre, Jerry Fielding, and like so many good composers passed away.

I don’t think Kamen will never be forgotten, nor my contribution will serve to prevent that possibility, but my two cents is there, set on a vast vault of musical talent, where the soundtrack we can hear when the door opens is Besides You from What Dreams May Come, or the overture from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, that moves us to face all kinds of adventures in life, or the beautiful love theme from father-son relationship in Frequency, that helps us to get closer to our beloved ones, or just to remind them.

And now, without further delay, let’s begin this tribute, but not before some few fair acknowledgments:
Enrique Moreno and Florent Groult, thanks for all photographic material provided for use in the special selflessly.
Pablo Ortiz de Urbina for selflessly introduce this special to the Kamen Family, an honor that we hope have reciprocated with all the love that emanates from this tribute.
Gorka Oteiza and Oscar Salazar, without you this would not have been possible, thanks to your hard work on translations.
All those who could not take part in the special, despite having tried names like Blake Nelly, Robert Elhia, Paco de Lucía, Dan Goldwasser, Claudio Fuiano, Jose M. Benítez, John Burlingame, Julie Kirgo o Lukas Kendall and many more.
And especially to those who are here, participating and shaping this tribute. Without you, it would not have been possible.

With your permission, we dedicate the result of this collective effort to Michael, for making us dream … We miss you! KAMEN FOREVER!

You can find here our original Spanish version of this article: RECORDANDO A MICHAEL KAMEN

Christopher Lennertz (composer)
Michael Price (composer)
Pablo Ortiz (conductor & composer)
Penka D. Kouneva (composer)
Germán Barón (composer)
Mikael Carlsson (composer & producer)
David Doncel (from BSOSpirit & president of the Córdoba Festival)
Jon Broxton (reviewer & president of IFMCA)
Randall D. Larson (reviewer & writer)
Gergely Hubai (reviewer & writer )
Frorent Groult (from UnderScores)
Ignacio Granda (from Scoresdecine)
David Martínez Balade (musical teacher & writer)
Jorge Godoy (fan)
Enrique Moreno Escribano (fan)
Óscar Salazar (fan)
Alfonso Conde (fan)
Fernándo Ayuso from AsturScore
Carlos Mulas from AsturScore

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