Memories of Basil Poledouris

Escrito por Braulio Fdez., el 8 noviembre 2016 | Publicado en Compositores


Basil Poledouris passed away in November 2006. For film music aficionados born or growing up during the eighties, one of the greatest composers. And for many other people. This man, with the same name of the great mouse detective, helped us to sail in life through family movies (Lassie, Free Willy, The Jungle Book) or forbidden pleasures, which only time allowed us to see (RoboCop, Flesh+Blood, On Deadly Ground). He walked with us for quite a time. And that is something difficult to forget, even though a decade has already gone. In fact, it does not seem to be so much if we look behind. The best proof that when we say a composer’s music will never leave us must be somehow true. Ten years, the blink of an eye. He remains here with us, for sure.

We remember him and, from AsturScore, we wish to pay tribute. If someone has forgotten, by any chance, we will help to remember. And, thus, we pay this humble tribute, remembering who he is for us and for our (his) friends, ten years later. Basil. Pole. The only composer that has a nickname for all of us. Because he is ours. We cannot think of anything better to say.



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